Body Temple/Body Dysphoria

I decided early that the social messages we receive about our bodies are bullshit. At eleven, I was furious at the world that sent my best friend on a series of diets urged on by her mother. At thirteen, I was heartsick watching another friend disappear, shrinking down between nibbling at the cracker she insisted would be her entire lunch. At fourteen, I declared fiercely that bodies- my body, my friends’ bodies, the bodies of everyone, everywhere- were sacred. Continue reading

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The Sustaining Power of Gratitude

First, an announcement. After several years of blogging 2-4 times a month, I am shifting my writing practice. I will be moving away from short, frequent posts into a rhythm of longer monthly posts. This will allow me to dig deeper and to balance this blog with the many other writing projects I am engaged in. I hope you enjoy! And now, onto the meat of this post: gratitude.

I understand. It’s hard to be grateful right now. Disasters, whether they are environmental, political, or violent, abound. There is a lot to be afraid of. A lot to be angry about. I, too, am both fearful and enraged in turn.

But I also know that those emotional states are not sustainable. Continue reading

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Home Questions 2017

  1. Who do you consider your family?
  2. How is your relationship with your family?
  3. What are your core needs around your home? Do the people you live with respect them?
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Practical Skills to Reduce Police Presence

In the wake of rising awareness about police violence, particularly toward communities of color, I’ve been thinking a lot about ways to counteract police violence. While its a radical solution (because I am in fact a radical) I believe the best way to reduce police violence is to reduce the overall presence of police. Continue reading

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3 Big Questions About Social Justice

  1. What everyday actions are you taking to make the world a more equal place?
  2. What gifts do you bring to your social justice work?
  3. What fears do you have about your social justice work?
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Probably the most complicated questions about how to behave in my life revolve around other people’s children. I generally have compatible ethics with my friends, so I can manage teaching moments and reprimands without too much tension there. But my job, which also involves other people’s children, is much trickier. Continue reading

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Courage Questions 2017

1. When is a time you have acted with bravery? How did you feel about it?

2. When have you acted with cowardice? How did you feel about it?

3. What courageous action best serves your community in this moment?


Share in the comments.

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A Message About Making Things

You are a creator of worlds.

You have the power, ability, and knowledge to change everything and to do so right now. This moment is unique. How will you shape it?  Continue reading

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3 Big Questions About Creativity

  1. How does what you make change you?
  2. How does what you make change the world?
  3. What do you hope others get out of your creations?

Share your answers in the comments.

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Bringing Joy to My Community

I’m fortunate to be of a naturally positive bent. It’s easy, most of the time, to look on the bright side or at least find a silver lining. Continue reading

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