Living Gratitude

I tuck gratitude in my heart the way I tuck a pen in my pocket, as a necessary tool for getting through the everyday. Gratitude is how we remember to be present. It becomes a practice, a way of stretching into the moment. It retrains us to look for the positive, rewrites the pathways of our brains. When we let the Now cradle us, let what is just be, then we are more fully open.


I am grateful for waking in a warm bed.

I am grateful for the noise of my partner snoring, a constant reassurance of “I am here, I am still alive.”

I am grateful for the light coming through the curtains, hinting at a sunny day.


It can also be how we pull through moments of pain, drawing on the store of good memories and promising more in the future.


I am grateful for the swiftness of response when I call 911.

I am grateful for my body’s pharmaceutical power, blocking the worst of the pain before I could get to the hospital.

I am grateful for friends holding me close when I cry.


The habit of drawing our attention and energy to what we are grateful for in turn draws us into a state of grace. It is living at the heart of the world, awake to all its beauty.


About Melissa ra Karit

I'm a queer, poly, genderqueer Witch. I'm a sex-positive feminist, an activist, and a writer. I believe that when we attend to our individual good, we approach the world with good in our hearts and change the world for the better. Opinions expressed here are solely my personal opinions, and do not represent the views of any organization with which I am affiliated.
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