Laughing Moon

This full moon, CAYA celebrates the Laughing Moon. Here are some thoughts to extend your experience.

Some Questions

How can you make it easier to choose laughing rather than crying? How can you bring laughter into difficult moments? When does dark humor serve you? How can you use laughter to release pain?

Group Laughter

This is a structured activity to bring people closer through shared laughter. I first encountered it at summer camp a number of years ago.

The first person lies down. The second person lies with their head on the belly of the first person at a 90 degree angle. The third person lies with their head on the second person’s belly so that their bodies form three sides of a square. Others continue the pattern, until everyone is lying down with their head on someone else’s stomach.

The first person begins by saying, “Ha.” The second person says, “Ha, ha.” Each person adds one “ha.” The goal should be for everyone to go or to reach 20 “ha”s. Every time someone starts laughing, the group has to start over. If everyone winds up breathless with laughter before the goal is reached, you’ve succeeded!

Laughter Yoga

If you’ve never experienced laughter yoga before, you really should. It’s amazing. Go on, give it a try!

6 Quick Laughter Yoga Exercises That Access the Now


About Melissa ra Karit

I'm a queer, poly, genderqueer Witch. I'm a sex-positive feminist, an activist, and a writer. I believe that when we attend to our individual good, we approach the world with good in our hearts and change the world for the better. Opinions expressed here are solely my personal opinions, and do not represent the views of any organization with which I am affiliated.
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  1. Solsmiður says:

    Really nice! Thank you!


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