3 Big Gratitude Questions

Actually, four questions this month, because I couldn’t pick between these beautiful options. I hope you are having a bountiful, grateful month! Consider these questions to open your heart even further to gratitude.

1. How do you express your appreciation to others?

2. Is there something you say “thanks” for routinely? Something you want to say “thanks” for more often?

3. Where in your life are you being taken for granted or taking others for granted? How can you shift that relationship?

4. How can others express their gratitude for you in a way that you deeply receive? Do the important people in your life know that? If not, how can you inform them?

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About Melissa ra Karit

I'm a queer, poly, genderqueer Witch. I'm a sex-positive feminist, an activist, and a writer. I believe that when we attend to our individual good, we approach the world with good in our hearts and change the world for the better. Opinions expressed here are solely my personal opinions, and do not represent the views of any organization with which I am affiliated.
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One Response to 3 Big Gratitude Questions

  1. Sunsmith says:

    Very good and operational questions. I also loved your MX discovery, that seems a wonderful and positive word to apply to fluid gender “identities.”

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