Inspiration is Interconnected

Inspiration is a phenomenon which happens in relationship. It does not occur in isolation. You hear a moving speech and create a work of art. You devour a dozen novels, go star-gazing, and spend an evening in bed with your lover. These experiences combine and you, in turn, are inspired to write a love song. You go dancing with friends and, unbeknownst to you, a stranger goes home to write a short story about beauty and dancing. We are part of a web, lighting each other up.

To be inspired and inspiring, connection is essential. We must show up for each other. Sometimes, this will mean commenting on an article or encouraging a friend to give that quilting class a try. Encouragement can reduce the fear that lies between inspiration and creation. More often though, the spark of inspiration will come from everyday things. A teasing remark, the way sunlight catches someone’s hair, music drifting through an open window, or laughter in the summer’s twilight are all possible points of inspiration.

How do you show up for inspiration? Share in the comments!


About Melissa ra Karit

I'm a queer, poly, genderqueer Witch. I'm a sex-positive feminist, an activist, and a writer. I believe that when we attend to our individual good, we approach the world with good in our hearts and change the world for the better. Opinions expressed here are solely my personal opinions, and do not represent the views of any organization with which I am affiliated.
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