Next Stop

Next Stop

racing past

The world outside the train windows

Falls away

A quick glimpse,

here and then gone again

Is this how all the world is?

Caught in a moment of our mind’s eye

Attention blinking

Never really here nor there

To stop and look at the beauty of the world

Would leave us caught in its majesty


No time to check the clock

When there is an oak tree, the full moon, a coyote’s howl, a stranger smiling as they dance

To hold us

Is that why we don’t stop

Because we dare not be immobile for too long?

After all, the next stop on the train is ours.


About Melissa ra Karit

I'm a queer, poly, genderqueer Witch. I'm a sex-positive feminist, an activist, and a writer. I believe that when we attend to our individual good, we approach the world with good in our hearts and change the world for the better. Opinions expressed here are solely my personal opinions, and do not represent the views of any organization with which I am affiliated.
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