I’ve been writing almost as long as I can remember. I wrote stories about magical beings, as those were the stories I loved best, when I was a child. Then I went through a typical long angsty adolescence where I wrote mostly poetry. I tried my hand at fiction again as part of a college course and gave up in despair, quite certain I would never be published. And then I started writing fanfiction, just for the pure fun of it, and to please online friends. Gradually, I saw a few of those friends getting published and thought “Why not? I’ll give it a try.” Quite unexpectedly, my story was accepted and I was suddenly a published author. Erotica was an easy field to break into. Now I’m stretching myself, blogging here and about to launch into writing a children’s story. My poetry these days is confined to pagan circles, where lovely invocations to the elements and praise to the goddesses and gods are much admired.


2 Responses to About

  1. I LOVE your Paneros invocation! Thank you for having written it! And may Paneros and all eir parents, siblings, children, and ancestors bless your work forever!

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