One Pagan’s Ethics & Forgiveness

Forgiveness requires a certain breaking open of the heart. It requires an openness, a release. Compassion is a doorway to forgiveness. Continue reading

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Myths About Compassion

Many times,the biggest thing that stops us for being compassionate is ourselves. We tell ourselves little stories, reasons about why we’re not or cant be compassionate. By bringing them to your conscious attention, I hope to give you some space to think.  Continue reading

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Compassion Questions

Some thoughts to mull over on the nature of compassion and your experiences with it…

  1. Where have you made extraordinary efforts to be compassionate?
  2. What has resulted from your compassion?
  3. Who do you find it hard to be compassionate toward? Why?

    Share your responses in the comments!

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Overcoming Fear of Travel, Part 2

Part Two

I’ll get lost.

Yes, yes you will. Continue reading

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Overcoming Fears of Travel, Part 1

Travel is one of the first things people think of when they think of adventures. There’s plenty of excitement to befriending traveling, but many people never do out of fear. Here’s some of the fears I had about traveling, and how I overcame them. Continue reading

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Adventure Questions

1. What fears do you have about having an adventure?

2. How have adventures changes your life?

3. What adventure would you like to take a child on?

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Beautifully Genderqueer

Beauty is a loaded word for me sometimes. Continue reading

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Beauty Standards

Whose beauty standards are you measuring by? Continue reading

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3 Big Questions on Inspiration

In a time when many in this nation are experiencing fear and despair, you may be thinking- inspiration? How can we possibly feel inspired at a time like this? But I say- how can we not hold on to what makes life important at a time like this? So I invite you to contemplate the following:

  1. What areas of your life leave you feeling drained of inspiration? Why?
  2. What needs to change to allow more inspiration into your life?
  3. What connections inspire you?


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Next Stop

Next Stop

racing past

The world outside the train windows

Falls away Continue reading

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