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Courage Questions 2017

1. When is a time you have acted with bravery? How did you feel about it? 2. When have you acted with cowardice? How did you feel about it? 3. What courageous action best serves your community in this moment? … Continue reading

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3 Questions on Joy 2017

It’s May! The sun is shining, flowers are blooming, spring and joy have come to the land. I invite you to reflect on these questions as a way of engaging the joy in your life.

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Adventure Questions

1. What fears do you have about having an adventure? 2. How have adventures changes your life? 3. What adventure would you like to take a child on?

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3 Big Questions on Inspiration

In a time when many in this nation are experiencing fear and despair, you may be thinking- inspiration? How can we possibly feel inspired at a time like this? But I say- how can we not hold on to what … Continue reading

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3 Questions About Beauty

How do you cultivate beauty in your life? How can you bring beauty into one area of your life that lacks it? How do you feel when you think about your own and other’s beauty? Why?

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Questions to Relax By

In this merry and busy time of year, we sometimes forget to take some time for ourselves. Remember to rest and relax. How do you value letting go? When are you planning to rest this season? Who takes care of … Continue reading

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Reverence Questions 2016

What do you hold sacred? What area of your life do you struggle to have reverence in? Why? How does your view of what is sacred effect the ways you interact with others?

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Gratitude 2016

How do you stay connected to gratitude in difficult moments? Do you ever say, “thank you” when you don’t mean it? Why? In what situations do you resist feeling grateful? Why?

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Home Questions 2016

This month, I invite you to think about the concept of home. 1. How do you protect your home? 2. Who do you allow into your home? 3. What do you see as your home’s purpose? 4. What makes a … Continue reading

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Three Questions About Compassion

Compassion is something I’m thinking about a lot right now. When things are tough, when there’s an angry energy in the air, I remind myself to sit with compassion. How about you?

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