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Body Temple/Body Dysphoria

I decided early that the social messages we receive about our bodies are bullshit. At eleven, I was furious at the world that sent my best friend on a series of diets urged on by her mother. At thirteen, I … Continue reading

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Beauty Standards

Whose beauty standards are you measuring by?

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One Pagan’s Ethics & Beauty

I’m going to get introspective on y’all this year. More so than usual, I mean. I’ve been thinking a lot about ethics, about where they come from and how they relate to religion. To paganism, specifically. I started out thinking … Continue reading

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What I Want You To Know About Beauty

We have been told beauty is something we put on, rather than something we are. We have been told that beauty is something we must work for, rather than be. We have been told that some of us are not- … Continue reading

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3 New Year’s Resolutions I Wish People Would Make

These? Are not my New Year’s Resolutions. I made mine back on the Witch’s New Year, aka Samhain/Halloween. Besides, I’m the Priest/ess of the Body Temple. I already do these things. We see plenty of body related resolutions every new … Continue reading

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Three Joyful Questions

May is the month where I explore Joy. There is something so freeing, so lifting about this time of year. Come contemplate joy with me!

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Inspiration Questions

Every month, I pick a theme and invite others to join me in contemplating it. February’s theme is Inspiration. Here are some questions to get you started. 1. How do you reconnect with inspiration after (or while) going through a … Continue reading

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Spell for Bliss

Spell for Bliss Stretch for 5 minutes when waking. Eat 3 full meals of delicious food. Spend 30 minutes outside. Stop and take a deep breath or two whenever you need to, throughout the day. Sleep well and deeply until … Continue reading

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Blessing for A Parent’s Body

As part of my work as Priest/ess of the Body-Temple in CAYA Coven, this year I will be sharing a number of blessings. This is the first one. Blessing for the Bodies of Parents Parents have special joys and strains … Continue reading

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Joy in the Body

So often, we are told to focus on what our bodies look like, rather than what our bodies are. Our bodies are this incredibly complex mechanism of regenerating tissues, flexing tendons, firing synapses. Our bodies are deep breaths, beating hearts, … Continue reading

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