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Stumbling Blocks on the Path to Joy

Joy is overblown, a little voice whispers in the back of our heads. Who needs joy? Can’t you just be happy? Or content? And besides, terrible things are happening in the world! How can we feel joy in the face of … Continue reading

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Overcoming Fear of Travel, Part 2

Part Two I’ll get lost. Yes, yes you will.

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Adventure Questions

1. What fears do you have about having an adventure? 2. How have adventures changes your life? 3. What adventure would you like to take a child on?

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Compassion Capacity

Some people and situations tug at your heartstrings almost effortlessly. In other moment, you struggle to be as compassionate as you would like. Here are some practices that I have found helpful in deepening my capacity for compassion. May they … Continue reading

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Three Questions About Compassion

Compassion is something I’m thinking about a lot right now. When things are tough, when there’s an angry energy in the air, I remind myself to sit with compassion. How about you?

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Overcoming Fear

Reframe. As creative people, fear of failure is one of the largest obstacles to making something.

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3 Creative Questions

In April, I celebrate creativity and invite you to join me. Here’s 3 Big Questions to get you started.

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Three Questions About Beauty

Happy New Year, everyone! As I began to create blog content for 2016, I’ve found myself drawn to a new theme. Beginning this year, I’ll be sharing some thoughts about beauty- what it is, how we understand it, and how … Continue reading

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Listening With Courage

A courageous question is one that asks, “Am I wrong?” or at least allows for that possibility. It is one that knows what you are going to say is hard. A courageous question takes a risk.

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Adventure Interview 2015

Recently, I sat down with Rowan to talk about adventure. She had many inspiring thoughts to share! Tell us a little bit about yourself and adventure. I’m a Priest/ess, a mother, and a bit of a wandering spirit. I always … Continue reading

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