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3 Questions on Joy 2017

It’s May! The sun is shining, flowers are blooming, spring and joy have come to the land. I invite you to reflect on these questions as a way of engaging the joy in your life.

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Beautifully Genderqueer

Beauty is a loaded word for me sometimes.

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Next Stop

Next Stop racing past The world outside the train windows Falls away

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Inspiration & Poetry

To Spring O, first fledgling flower Pushing up through the softened dirt Rains droop your head I watch your softness bending to the earth your bright-faced beauty shining in the glimmer of raindrops What is this beauty that reaches up … Continue reading

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3 Questions About Beauty

How do you cultivate beauty in your life? How can you bring beauty into one area of your life that lacks it? How do you feel when you think about your own and other’s beauty? Why?

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One Pagan’s Ethics and War

On the one hand there is this: our fierce, bloody warriors. Battle paint, sacrifices, divination, blades blessed to strike true, protection marked on the skin, sacred drinks quaffed.

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An Open Letter of Gratitude

I’ve been thinking about who I’m grateful to, and for what, this month. Here are some open letters to just a few of the people special to me.

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Breathing In To the Difficult Moments

Sometimes, gratitude is hard. When your partner is screaming at you. When the baby wakes you at 3am, 4am, and 5am. When you get called for jury duty during your first vacation in three years. But gratitude isn’t made for … Continue reading

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Gratitude 2016

How do you stay connected to gratitude in difficult moments? Do you ever say, “thank you” when you don’t mean it? Why? In what situations do you resist feeling grateful? Why?

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Courage and Breaking the Rules

I broke a rule today and it got me thinking about what sorts of rules we break and why.

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