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3 Questions on Joy 2017

It’s May! The sun is shining, flowers are blooming, spring and joy have come to the land. I invite you to reflect on these questions as a way of engaging the joy in your life. Advertisements

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An Open Letter of Gratitude

I’ve been thinking about who I’m grateful to, and for what, this month. Here are some open letters to just a few of the people special to me.

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One Pagan’s Ethics and Enough

I suppose these writings on “enough” are not ethics so much as cosmology. World view. And yet, this is such an essential underpinning of my and other pagans’ way of being in the world and thus extends naturally into ethics. … Continue reading

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Returning to Gratitude

This summer, I celebrated my tenth anniversary with my sweetie. After returning from the amazing vacation/camp-out we shared, my heart was so full. There is so much to be grateful for.

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Three Joyful Questions

May is the month where I explore Joy. There is something so freeing, so lifting about this time of year. Come contemplate joy with me!

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Lovers Moon

In CAYA, we celebrate the May full moon as the Lovers Moon. As you gaze into the brilliant light of the Moon tonight, I invite you to think on and extend your Moon magick with these workings and thoughts.

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