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3 Big Questions About Creativity

How does what you make change you? How does what you make change the world? What do you hope others get out of your creations? Share your answers in the comments. Advertisements

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What I Want You To Know About Beauty

We have been told beauty is something we put on, rather than something we are. We have been told that beauty is something we must work for, rather than be. We have been told that some of us are not- … Continue reading

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Three Questions About Beauty

Happy New Year, everyone! As I began to create blog content for 2016, I’ve found myself drawn to a new theme. Beginning this year, I’ll be sharing some thoughts about beauty- what it is, how we understand it, and how … Continue reading

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Reverence Among Pagans

It took me nearly a decade of paganism to recognize the story I was hearing. Maybe you’ve heard it too. It goes like this.

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3 Big Questions About Courage

1. What do you need to do to gain courage? 2. How do you embody courage? 3. What does bravery mean to you?

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Three Joyful Questions

May is the month where I explore Joy. There is something so freeing, so lifting about this time of year. Come contemplate joy with me!

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3 Big Questions on Bliss

Each month, I explore a theme. January’s theme is Bliss. What is bliss?

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