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Bringing Joy to My Community

I’m fortunate to be of a naturally positive bent. It’s easy, most of the time, to look on the bright side or at least find a silver lining. Advertisements

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Compassion Capacity

Some people and situations tug at your heartstrings almost effortlessly. In other moment, you struggle to be as compassionate as you would like. Here are some practices that I have found helpful in deepening my capacity for compassion. May they … Continue reading

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To Hermes

Hermes, now I know why you called to me with rainbows at your feet   My beloved Guide, I am so used to seeing you traveling that I forgot you are a boundary-keeper, too You mark the edges and know … Continue reading

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One Pagan’s Ethics and Sex

Almost nothing incites more controversy than sex. Among pagans, there’s generally a “live and let live” attitude. Yet, we vary widely as to what that means. My own feelings about sex can be summed up in two short phrases: consent … Continue reading

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Reverence Among Pagans

It took me nearly a decade of paganism to recognize the story I was hearing. Maybe you’ve heard it too. It goes like this.

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Interview on Home

This month, I interviewed Maia about the theme of home. She has lots of brilliant insights to share. Read on to find out what she says!

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